The Gottman Method

I have completed advanced training in the Gottman method. This is a contemporary approach to intervention for couples that is research based and has been shown to produce effective results.  The emphasis of the Gottman method is on the formation of emotional bonds and connection within the relationship, the skills of conflict resolution, and becoming best friends once again.
Couples in distress would best be served by private 60 minute sessions.  Those who would simply like to enhance their relationship or those who would like to cut the costs of individual counselling, might elect to take the Sound Relationship House Couples Retreat (Get more information on this site)

The Gottman Institute is located in Seattle, Wash.

The Gottman Method will help you learn:

How to interrupt the Four Horsemen (criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling) in order to have a more constructive dialogue.

How to physiologically self-soothe in order to prevent escalated quarrels.

How to avoid, "Attack-Defend" cycles in order to listen, and

How to help you dialogue about your grid-locked conflicts, rather than avoid them.

You will be able to deepen your connection by:

Creating ritulas of connection and a system of shared values and meaning.

We will also work with additional issues that interfer with the bonding of couples, such as affairs, PTSD, and depression.


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