• I was able to deal with a few deep issues and release the hold they have had on my life...something I have been trying to do for years without success.
  • I felt 10 pounds lighter at the end of the weekend!  I didn't know that 'emotional baggage' could weight so much!
  • The environment created felt safe...I felt comfortable to share many personal thoughts/feelings openly.
  • The weekend from start to finish was beautifuly orchestrated by a highly skilled team.
  • I have already (2 weeks after the weekend), made changes in my life as a result of the release of the bondage of unforgiveness and lies about myself that were uncovered and replaced by truth.
  • I have a deeper love for Jesus.
  • I was able to meet some awesome people...a few I plan on continuing to meet for coffee.
  • I was in such a rut and felt that at 60 years of age there was probably no hope of changing...this weekend changed my view of that!  (Woman, age 60)

The weekend was safe, powerful and transformational. I highly recommend
it, especially if you are prepared to witness scripture being put into practice in
community building.

56 year old business woman

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This weekend is for those who consider themselves Christian or are interested in exploring the Christian faith. 

There is power in community.

There will be further opportunities beyond "Bridges to Freedom."  Individual counselling, other group workshops
such as "Forgiveness Is a Choice," etc.

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